About Me

Hi everyone! My name’s Vicki and I’m currently working as a graduate analyst for a large energy company. In my spare time I enjoy sewing, knitting, cooking and singing, and I’m a member of the Leicester University Chamber Choir.

As the majority of the recent posts involve sewing, I feel I should give an insight into how I got into this hobby in the first place. My mum’s been sewing for decades now and, as a child, would make my sister and I all manner of costumes for both school nativity plays and dancing shows. I did two lots of Textiles classes while at high school but at that time I didn’t really enjoy the way the lessons were structured. I felt there was too much emphasis on projects that ticked some sort of box, such as making either a baseball cap or top hat out of recycled materials, rather than teaching us actual practical sewing skills.

It wasn’t until the summer of my second year of university that I caught the sewing bug (looking at the airing dates for the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee this may have been the catalyst!) and splurged on a sewing machine, making the mistake of having to carrying it a mile home from the city centre! Over the last couple of years I’ve improved my sewing skills and more recently I’ve started thinking more and more about actually creating garments because they go with other things in my wardrobe and are practical rather than just picking out pretty fabric. This blog hopes to document the things that I make (alongside other things) as I know how helpful blog posts can be when looking for patterns to sew.

Happy reading!



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