Wardrobe Architect


I’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe recently. At the end of July I’ll be graduating and moving out of the house that I’ve been living in for the last three years and, over that time, I’ve accumulated a lot of things including a fair amount of clothing. Although I’m generally pretty good at having a sort out every now and then I’ve become quite aware of how many of my clothes I actually wear. Only recently have I come to realise what my “style” is (there’s a reason why my boyfriend calls me Cardigan) so a fair amount of my wardrobe, including sadly a few me-made items, no longer reflects what I want to wear.

I recently joined the world of Instagram and discovered the Hooks, Pins and Needles blog which included posts on creating your own capsule wardrobe. This led me to finding Coletterie‘s series of blog posts on the Wardrobe Architect series – how to plan your own capsule wardrobe by taking into account your lifestyle, colour choices, preferred silhouettes etc. I’d already started thinking about ensuring that I only bought fabric in colours and styles that I knew I would wear so this seemed to give me a more structured approach to planning my wardrobe.


I’ve started out with looking at which colours I enjoy wearing the most – I spent a fun 10 minutes looking at paint charts in B&Q and picking out the colours to check that they all work together. I definitely like my nautical colours, especially red and darker blue, but also favour a few brighter colours such as light teal, a bit of lime and coral. I’m not a big fan of true black so I chose a dark charcoal grey instead; I made a Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch using some Robert Kaufmann cotton in this colour and it became a staple piece during my internship last summer. I tend to accessorise with brown leather (shoes, bags etc.) so included that in my palette too. Overall I think this is a nicely workable palette with plenty of potential to mix and match!


I’ve then looked at potential silhouettes for this summer using Polyvore to generate some cool pictures. I enjoy wearing gathered skirts with lighter tops tucked in, adding a cardigan if the weather requires. Likewise my preferred style of dresses involve a more fitted bodice with a full skirt falling just above the knee. I’ve also taken to including side seam pockets in almost everything I sew, who knows when you might need a tissue on hand!

I’m not the biggest fan of short sleeves, but for the few t-shirts I do own (the Merchant and Mills shirt pictured above included!) I like to pair them either with a gathered skirt or a pair of dark denim shorts and some bright shoes for a more casual look. I’d like to include a few more play suits in my wardrobe too. I bought a lovely buttoned coral red one from Urban Outfitters last summer which was great when lounging around on holiday so I might try and find a similar pattern so that I can make my own.

I’ve yet to decide how many pieces I’m aiming for in my Spring/Summer wardrobe so I’ll include that in a future post along with any plans to make things to fill the gaps! For now exams are taking up my time so actual sewing is on hiatus until I’m finished, giving me a little bit of planning time to work out what I actually need to make before I crack on.


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