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C’est Mathilde, Coco et Delphine aussi!



Exams are finally over for me, so having spent two months pining for my sewing machine, I let rip et voilà – Mathilde! For those who don’t know, Mathilde is a pattern from Tilly and the Buttons for a lovely elegant button back blouse. I ordered the ready printed version as I didn’t fancy trying to line up all the pages and decided to make a slightly smaller size than recommended as I wanted a slightly more fitting blouse. I also cut the sleeves straight and took about an inch off the length of them to make them more to my liking, but once the tweaking was done I cut out my fabric (tracing the pattern onto it using dressmakers’ carbon paper for the first time!) and after melting a small hole in the fabric – now hidden by the tucks – and having to enlarge a buttonhole I have a blouse with the first pair of sleeves I’ve ever made!

It's always tricky getting a picture of yourself wearing something!

It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with polyester, and it was a little bit of a challenge for what is a fairly structured blouse as I wasn’t able to press it as well as I’d have liked. I also should have taken Tilly’s advice and made a slightly bigger one as it is a little bit snug, but along with moving the bust dart down a good inch, I’ve learnt from my mistakes for next time, of which there will be one of the sleeveless variety!

Not satisfied with only making one Tilly and the Buttons pattern, I then went and bought Coco! I decided that a contrast yoke would liven the design up a bit, so I bought some reduced grey and black floral jersey from Minerva Fabrics, then a lovely almost royal blue jersey from Tia Knight Fabrics. I also decided that a couple of button tabs inserted into the shoulder seams would look cute, and along with some silver buttons from John Lewis (I seem to love silver buttons at the moment, they just look so smart!) I think it looks rather snazzy!

One wonderfully simple jersey top!

Finally, I got back to the task at hand of making some more clothes for my internship at Centrica this summer, and decided that the Delphine skirt in Tilly’s new book “Love at First Stitch” in a nice charcoal grey would fit the bill. I also decided that I’d go one further and add a lining to the skirt, which wasn’t without its problems… I seem to have fixed the zip from catching each time I try and put it on which is good!

My first day at work outfit, am in love with the shoes

And that’s been my dressmaking odyssey since my exams finished about a month ago. I’ve now started my internship so I may be slightly less productive in terms of making clothes; getting up for 6.30am this week has been hard, but more on that in another post!


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