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A very busy sewing day.

A while ago I set myself the task of making a dress for my summer internship with Centrica, and today I finally finished it (all bar a hook and eye to go at the top of the zip!). It’s Simplicity 6184 view E and I made it in a size 14:

Think I’ll be wearing it without the black tights…
My first invisible zip…
...and kick pleat!
…and kick pleat!

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out as it’s certainly one of the most complicated things I’ve made so far, with the pleats in the neckline, a kick pleat in the back of a skirt and an invisible zip (it’s so invisible, it’s wonderful!). I’ve come to realise having made two dresses now despite what the measurements on the back of the pattern say I think I’d be better cutting out a size 12 for the bodice if I make another dress, as I end up with it being a bit too baggy under my arms which is fine for this dress but it’s a little bit annoying. The dress will get its first outing on the 17th June when I start work, so hopefully it might be a bit warmer by then so it’s suitable (I also have some gorgeous “mushroom suede” Mary Jane heels from Clarks which I think will match the dress really well, and they’re comfy enough for work too).

Not satisfied with only having one thing to sew today, I went down to the Exeter Fabric Centre which is conveniently located a 10 minute walk down my road, and bought some lovely fabric which they had displayed in their window. I’ve just bought the book that accompanies the second series of the Great British Sewng Bee and I’ve never made an elasticated waist skirt before (other than my elephant skirt, but that was a shirred waist), so I thought I’d have a go with their simple short skirt. Despite an issue with their pattern instructions – it says that the pattern you cut on the fold should be 22cm at the bottom and 34cm at the top, but I’m pretty sure they’ve just forgotten to half the 34cm measurement as the illustration implies that it should be smaller than the 22cm bottom, plus the waistband ends up being 34x4cm long, which then fits with having four skirt panels which are each 34cm around the top when unfolded (and hence 44cm round the bottom of each panel) – four hours later and I have a lovely elasticated waist skirt!

Am hoping that no one notices that the pattern changes halfway round!
Am hoping that no one notices that the pattern changes halfway round!

It’s a nice simple skirt, and it only took me about 3-4 hours to make, so it would definitely be ideal for a relative beginner. Unfortunately my sewing pile is now empty, so I’ll have to think of something else to make, perhaps another work dress?


One thought on “A very busy sewing day.

  1. Thanks for your advice on the sewing bee easy sew skirt pattern. I’ve been puzzling over how to get the pattern pieces to fit on the material and thought the waist seemed massive! The skirt you made looks lovely.

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