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I have a summer internship! I’ve yet to find out exactly what I’m doing/where I’m working but I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to find a job for the summer. Last summer was spent mostly on a train visiting people, which was lovely, but it’ll be great to get some really good work experience in a large company and being able to use my maths skills to hopefully do some good (plus I’m sure my bank balance won’t complain either!). If I’m not as failing at updating my blog as I have been over the last term (sorry) I’m sure I will post more about this once I’ve got more information/actually started my placement, I just wanted to share my excitement!

I’ve been surfing and everything! (taken at Watergate Bay, Newquay)

This term at university has been a pretty decent one, even though it’s slightly scary that I’m now halfway through my degree. I think what has helped this year is that all of my modules bar one have been chosen by myself, meaning that I haven’t been stuck with topics that I really don’t enjoy. I’m also very grateful that in being in my third year I don’t have any exams in January to worry about (hello 4000 word essay on climate sensitivity though…), which means when I get home on Friday/get to Edinburgh on the 30th (Sam who I referred to in my last post as self-confessedLAD is now boyfriendLAD and alas living in Scotland for nine months) I won’t have to worry too much about doing university work and I can relax a bit.

Only a short post as I’m soon off to sing in the Cathedral for the BBC Radio Devon Christmas service which is being broadcast at 8am on Christmas Day, it’s very exciting!


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