Skirt in a day (or close enough)

My housemate Sam (self-confessed LAD – he typed that himself…) is currently on a mission to make me more fashionable, whether it be putting my hair over to one side at every opportunity or dragging me round shops and getting me to try on this season’s fashions. During a trip down the High Street we ended up in Urban Outfitters and Sam decided that then would be a good time to pick out a few choice items of clothing for me to try including a denim skater skirt (like this). As a compromise I decided that a dark green version of it would be preferable and I have to say having tried it on I thought it would make a nice skirt especially for winter. However at £20 even in the sale I decided that it would make more sense to put some effort in and make one myself!

Teal skater skirt - complete with zip!
Teal skater skirt – complete with zip!

This is the first time I’ve made anything using cotton jersey or with a zip so even though it was a relatively simple pattern it gave me a chance to learn something new. In general I followed this tutorial but made some changes, mainly in the way I attached the waistband and the fact I did lots of very fiddly rolled hems in order to make the inside pretty! I managed to pick up the fabric, interfacing, cotton and zip for less than £10 and set to work at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon having ferociously cleaned our fridge in the morning. I managed to do most of the skirt just using a standard needle on my machine but having tried to hem it, wanting to wear it out that evening and failing miserably I unpicked what I had done and went out to the wonder that is Cheesy Tuesdays with it unfinished (fortunately the fabric doesn’t fray!).

Aah, zip!
Aah, zip!

After going into town the next day to pick up my new glasses from Specsavers I popped into John Lewis and bought some needles specifically for stretchy fabrics which helped a lot and hemmed the skirt when I got back. Overall it took me about 6 hours which I don’t think is too bad considering I had to attach a waistband and put in my first zip, which could be neater but it was only my first attempt. I hate to admit defeat to Sam, but I have started looking at denim fabric on the Internet…

My snazzy new glasses - only £69 for the two!
My snazzy new glasses – only £69 for the two!

I’m currently away for the week camping at Newday at the Norfolk Showground doing some volunteering, so will post about that when I get back!


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