Elasticated skirt

Since I finished my summer dress (see last post) I was itching to carry on with my sewing machine and make something else. Whilst perusing Tilly and the Buttons‘ blog I came across a guest pattern for a simple elasticated skirt with a shirred waistband (see here). Although the pattern was more simple than the dress I was eager to get something else finished before my house’s holiday to Portugal (a blog post about that is imminent!) so I got online and ordered some lovely fabric from Ditto Fabrics with elephants on and set to work!

Elephant Fabric
Red and cream elephant fabric from Ditto Fabrics

The pattern was a very straightforward one but shirring presented a new challenge. I’d managed to find some red shirring elastic in the local haberdashery which was very exciting and fortunately I bought two reels of it as it took me a very long time and a screwdriver in order to sort out the tension and to get the elastic to actually shir! After I’d solved the problem of failing elastic it was pretty easy to run up the waistband and finish the skirt!

The finished item!

Because it’s a straight skirt and the fabric’s getting on for quilting weight it’s quite safe on a windy day and it’s a reasonable length too so I should be safe in Exeter’s unpredictable weather! I was pondering whether to put patch pockets on the front but I think the pattern on the fabric is a bit too busy for it so I left them off.

Me and my skirt in the Moorish Castle in Silves

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