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I was going to make a celebratory post about hitting 3000 views on this blog, but have decided to be impatient and do it now!

Second year at university has gone off to a good start, and despite doing five modules this term I don’t seem to have burned out too much yet, which compared to last year when I cried in front of one of my lecturers is a significant improvement! Saying that, I have been far more productive this year now that I live half an hour from campus. Now if I have an hour plus gap I’ll stay and work (expect for 10-11am on Mondays and Fridays – that’s Harrison sofas nap time) whereas last year I’d probably go home and watch something on iPlayer for a bit. All this productivity is paying off however, one of my last bits of coursework was handed in six days in advance of the deadline which is an event that certainly didn’t happen last year!

Our awesome Möbius bagel – this is what happens when you live in a house of mathematicians!

Think that will do for now, have been working on Matlab in Harrison since 9.45 this morning and I’m a little bit sleepy now…


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