This is Exeter calling

Well, not quite. But in five days time I will be making my way down the length of the M5 and back to Exeter for my second year of university! Having realised that going back has crept up on me fairly quickly I’ve made a start on the packing, spent a small fortune in Boots and bought myself a whizzy new printer to save me having to trek for half an hour to print out a coursework cover sheet, so I’m feeling pretty organised and prepared to go back and knuckle down to my nineteen hour a week timetable. My to-do list, however, is currently feeling rather long and the fact that I realistically only have three days in which to do all of it is a bit worrying (spending time blogging probably won’t help but there we are…).

I have done some productive things recently though, all 6+ feet of my Cora scarf has been knitted ready for the autumn and it’s rather snazzy if I may say so!

I’ve also been fiddling around with my Filofax a bit more; I’ve seen that a lot of people use theirs for a lot more things than just a diary, but I’m quite happy with mine to just be a way for me to keep on top of things that are going on. I’ve left my 1-6 dividers uncovered, and at the moment no. 1 is my 2012-2013 week on two pages diary (I’ve got it in there up until Dec 2013 but might decant some of the later months if it gets a bit thick), no. 2 is anything university related, so at the moment I have my to-do list, packing list, module information for the French course that I’m doing next year and the list I made on Friday when I met up with Rosie, the president of MethAng, in order to work out what on earth we’re doing for Freshers’ Week! No. 3 has any important numbers that I need plus a few addresses but that’s all I’ve done so far. The A-Z dividers however have been covered, and I’ve employed them in the job of splitting up the months in my diary, making it far easier to sort through all of the pages. My Swift is very pretty, but it is already getting a bit grubby from being in a bag most of the time; if anyone knows how to clean the canvas exterior then please let me know!

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In terms of organising my diary, I soon realised that the paper was too thin to write different things in different coloured fineliners without it soaking through to the other side, so I’ve had to compromise and instead I’m just putting coloured dots next to each thing depending on what I’m doing – dark green for academic stuff, pink for singing, orange for societies and light blue for personal stuff, so things are still fairly colourful!


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