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Hello my pretty…

With only about a month left of my holiday I thought I’d try and reflect on how I’ve spent the first two; be prepared for lots of pictures!

1. Become reacquainted with our newly adopted cat:

He’s a bit of a daft one…

He’d been hanging around the neighbourhood for quite a while as his owners lived in the flat opposite us. Around May we realised that they had moved out but Mickey (as our neighbour decided to name him) was still hanging around. We took him in to the vets and found out that he’d never been microchipped/neutered or anything, so the lovely people at the RSPCA said that they’d pay to have all of that done and we got to keep him! He’s the most placid cat I’ve ever meet with a lovely temperament, and he voluntarily sleeps on my bed which is nice too.

2. Cook yummy things:

The pinkness is courtesy of an awful lot of beetroot!
Mum’s pear and amaretto cheesecake for her birthday
Blackberry Bakewell tarts

3. Get organised for next year

Having spent a bit too much time on the stationery and organisation thread on The Student Room I was coerced into buying myself a Filofax with the promise of 20% off. Normally I use WHSmith A5 diaries as they’re a good size and well laid out but this year I couldn’t find any covers that took my fancy so bought one from the Paperchase website instead. I was a bit disappointed with it as the layout was confusing and it just didn’t do what I wanted it to, so didn’t mind buying another diary for next year. I originally ordered a Pocket Swift, but upon looking at the page dimensions decided that it would be far too small I then ordered a Personal sized one, which is far better for fitting the hectic timetable of a maths student.

Personal vs. Pocket

It’s so pretty! The thing I like about it is that as long as it doesn’t fall apart (which I’m hoping it doesn’t any time soon!) I can just keep using it year after year. There’s a pen loop so that I don’t keep losing them in my bag, pockets in the front and back to keep things in (at the moment I just have my St. Michael’s music list in it but I’m sure I’ll find more things to stash in there) and it’s just the right size to fit in my bag but not get lost in it.

I’ve done a bit of customising so far with the ruler covered with some card making paper, but plan to do a bit more with the dividers once I’ve decided how I’m going to organise things. For next year I’ve also made a few pages myself with information about my French module which look quite snazzy; I think I need to improve my cutting skills but hopefully they’ll improve over time!


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