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Summer time!

My first year at university has been and gone, and they’re letting me back in for next year so I must have done something right! (managed 69% for the year, with five out of eight of my modules at over 70%, so am very happy with that). After a few trips out of Exeter, a rather pointless but nevertheless amusing two days at an employability workshop and a weekend of showing Mum round all of the places that I’ve been wittering on about for the last nine months, we packed up the car (doing quite a good job of it too considering how much my possessions had multiplied over the year!) and I’m now at home for the next two and a half months, with a week in Germany with St. Michael’s and a quick dash over to Exeter for rehearsals for said week away to look forward to. I’ve also managed to get myself a summer job, further proving the phrase “it’s not what you know but who you know”, which is certainly taking up enough of my time to stop me from climbing the walls; even if I do then moan that I don’t have enough time to myself anymore… one day I will work out where my fine balance is between working too much and having too much time to stare at the four walls of my house.

Since I’ve got home, aside from working and being a house-daughter for a week due to family illness, I’ve managed to do a little bit of crafty stuff, including starting to foray a bit more into dressmaking. I thought I’d start off fairly easy with a pair of pyjamas, and although I’ve yet to get much further than a half completed top I’m hoping that I may regain motivation for it later in the week when I have a few days spare.

The fact that the ribbon and the fabric for the trousers match so well is pure coincidence, one was bought in Devon and the other in Suffolk!

On Saturday afternoon, our curate James (affectionately known as FJ – we’ve told the Bishop of his nickname too) was ordained as a priest along with seven others at Norwich Cathedral. The service was lovely and it was great to see that out of the eight candidates, five of them were women. Even though some aspects of the church seem to be still firmly rooted in the “no women” tradition i.e. in regards to cathedral choirs (won’t go further into it as I feel I’ve expressed my opinion enough on that matter this weekend), it is lovely to see that in other areas women in the church are flourishing and are being allowed to answer God’s call without being told that they can’t simply due to a matter of biology. All this churchy stuff this weekend has made me think a lot, and I do seem to every now and then feel some kind of calling to something, but to what I seem to have no idea. I think at the age that I am now it is a very transitory period, with me beginning to lead an independent life and not being sure what lies ahead, but I do have a nagging feeling somewhere that I’m meant to be doing something, I just wish I knew what it was!


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