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Hello Queenie!

Yes, the Forum is open and the Queen was the one who came to do it! Despite standing for two hours waiting for her it was certainly worth it, and standing right at the front we got a great view, even the usually chronically damp weather improved for the occasion. It was a lovely day with a great atmosphere, and me, Sophie and John managed to get a personal wave off the royal couple too!

Term 3 at university is a very strange concept as due to having 12 week long terms 1 and 2 we don’t have any lectures and only have to come back for exams, meaning that you often feel as though you’re floating around without any structure (I was going to say without anything to do, but there is the small matter of revision that should be going on…) which for a student who normally hits eighteen hours a week of contact time is a very odd feeling. This makes me grateful for the fact that I am involved in things outside of my lectures, as I still have church to go to and societies to run; I seem to have landed myself in organising a service for MethAng at a local Methodist church next Sunday, which I’m perfectly happy to do, but it has clashed wonderfully with exams! It seems very weird that five weeks tomorrow I’ll be moving out of my room and heading back home for the summer, it doesn’t feel five minutes since I first got here and it will be odd knowing that there isn’t somewhere I can just come back to in Exeter; of course come September I will be moving back into a proper house with a washing machine and sofa (these are the two things I’ve definitely missed the most!) so it’s only a temporary feeling of being disconnected, but I’ve quite liked having two homes for the past seven months and it will be strange to have that stop, even if it is only for a short while.

Need to get up early tomorrow for church, but hoping that tomorrow will be more relaxed than the rest of the week as I’m giving myself the day off from revision and spending it masquerading as an alto in the morning and first soprano in the evening! (am very much looking forward to the Noble tomorrow, even if I keep singing the wrong part…)

And so I end with a gratuitous WIP pic, my Cora scarf made with Rowan Colourscape Chunky:

Cora – loving the colours!

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