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Coursework, ukeleles, and a sacred leek.

St Michael's
St. Michael's in the sun

I failed at trying to work out how many hours of work a week I actually do outside of lectures partly due to being struck down by a cold and partly due to not remembering to set the stopwatch on my phone every time I sat down to do some work, so all I can say on that matter is that I should be working 600 hours per term including any contact hours, which does equal quite a lot of time! (Also, an update on exam results, managed to pass all of my exams, including two at over 70%!)

Only three weeks left of the second term, then after a month’s “holiday” (i.e. must revise!) it’s back down to Devon for eight weeks of revision, exams, weird employability days and general frivolities. This term has gone scarily fast, which I think hasn’t been helped by the fact that I seem to be extremely busy for the most part. My contact hours have gone up since last term, so Tuesday’s become a pain when I have 6 hours of lectures between 9 and 6 and then spend my evening at choir practise, leaving little time to eat or do any work. I still have five coursework deadlines left between now and the end of March too, so there’s little time to rest between now and then!

Still, it’s not all work all of the time. Last weekend was the annual MethAng musical/play/revue which went really well. A brief outline of the story includes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, worshipping a very sparkly leek, our own unique rendition of reality television, and a geographer wrapped up in a blanket pretending to be a cow! All in all it was a success and we managed to raise about £400 for the Devon Air Ambulance.

The cast of "Apocalypse Now?" featuring the Four Horsemen formerly known as KISS.

Also, this morning a group of us from KnitSoc went to the “Crikey! It’s Vintage” Fair at the Thistle Hotel just opposite Central Station, and oh my goodness I think we all could have bought everything there! There were all manner of different stalls ranging from jewellery to wedding dresses, plus a “Knit for Victory” corner where we happily sat for a while trying out knitting with curtain poles!

Singing at the Vintage Fair

I also managed to get my hands on a lovely maxi dress from either the 1970’s or 80’s for only £10. It’s a teensy bit too long but fortunately my mother is rather skilled with a sewing machine, so it’ll either have a few inches chopped off or a foot lopped off the bottom depending if I want to keep it as a maxi dress or have it as a more casual tea dress. Looking at the label, it’s by a company called “English Lady”, which having Googled it comes up with next to nothing. It also says it’s a size 14, which definitely shows how sizes have changed over the years; I’m a size 8 and it fits me really well, so it’s clear that a size 14 in the 70’s/80’s is nothing like the same size today.

Mmm... vintagey...

Right, it is now twenty to five and I haven’t done any work yet today, my current average for coursework this term is 85%, so really must get on if I want to keep it up!


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