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How is it nearly Christmas already?!

It seems like a lifetime since I came to uni, but give it two and a bit weeks and I’ll be back home again for three! This first term certainly has flown by, and I definitely think I’ve settled in well. My course and societies have certainly been the main perk to being here, the majority of people doing Maths seem really laid back and lovely (there are the occasional odd ones – I remember hearing someone say that at university not all mathematicians are odd, but the majority of odd people are mathematicians!). I’ve made quite a few friends in KnitSoc and MethAng too, which means when I’ve had a particularly stressful day in the flat I have somewhere to escape to (us lot at MethAng also go to the seaside for mulled cider:)

Exmouth beach with MethAng!

St. Michael’s is a lovely place to be singing; again everyone has been nothing but friendly and the music is great, our Advent carol service is this Sunday and with various tidbits from Howells, Handel, Liszt and many others it will hopefully be a success!

On the knitting front, my Thermal is nearly finished! I realise it’s coming up for eleven months since I cast on, so I am fairly determined not to let it pass the year mark – mainly because it’s gotten rather cold recently and I want to be able to wear it this winter! Saying I want it done by the time I go home for Christmas may be a tall order, but if it’s seen as a challenge it may happen… all that I have left is half of a rather long sleeve and the neckband, so it could be doable!

Nearly there!

Anyway, I have a nine o’clock lecture in the morning and an Advent calendar ready and waiting, so I think I’ll leave it there for tonight, and again promise that I will update more often! (by the looks of the stats people are actually reading this blog, so hopefully this will encourage me to post more!)


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