No I haven’t left yet…


…we just needed to check that everything fitted in the car!

So, seven (and an hour or two) days until I up sticks and go off to university for four years! I think I’m mostly there getting ready-wise, everything is packed except clothing and essentials (i.e. my microwaveable Bagpuss), I’ve got hair cut, glasses strengthened, a phone contract I can actually access to pay, and having chased up RBS today, hopefully a fully functioning student account! Still, despite being scarily well prepared I don’t think it’s quite hit me that I am actually moving away. I’ve made a few close friends over the last few years who I’m not going to see until November which in comparison with the seven or so hours I spend with them each week at the moment it’s going to be very different. And of course there’s all my family, it will be very weird having my mum and nanna drive off on the Sunday morning but leaving me behind… all of this will probably sink in properly while I’m at work or on a bus or somewhere A’s equally embarrassing and public but there we are!
All that aside, I really can’t wait!


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