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I think I need a list…

…and with the sudden onset of summer weather it is proving far too hot to sleep so I may as well write it now!

Stuff to do before (hopefully) going to university:

1. Finish both my Simplicity cardigan and Thermal jumper, the chances are that by the time I get to uni I’ll have much less free time for knitting, and would quite like to get them done so I can actually wear them! (especially the Thermal – I have a feeling that it’ll be wonderfully toasty in the winter)

2. Get a haircut. Am quite happy with the length but not the growing out of layers/general thickness, plus this will save me having to find a decent hairdresser while I’m there.

3. Get eyes tested, because things are a tad more blurry than I’d really like!

4. Buy: saucepans, kitchen knives and scissors, bedding (cannot do until I know what size bed I’ll be getting), corkscrew/bottle opener/tin opener/jar opener, new hairdryer and straighteners, laptop bag, extra long Ethernet cable, alarm clock. (I’m sure this list will increase exponentially as moving gets nearer!)

5. Get student railcard sorted

6. Make sure that I only take books with me that I haven’t yet read, in order to stop myself rereading the same things over again! (I think I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve read Digital Fortress…)

7. Sort out which school/college notes I want to take with me and condense down as much as possible, don’t need to lug anymore things down there than I need to. (same goes for knitting)

8. Contact church in Exeter about choral scholarships, obviously providing that I get in to Exeter of course!

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure there’s probably hundreds of other things which need doing which will only occur to me the week before I leave!


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