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My life is filled with cake.

As a waitress in a very nice café for two months (temporary work experience arranged through the JobCentre – thus trying to break the vicious circle of needing experience to gain experience!) I have been subjected to all manners of wonderful baking. Generally I’m not much of a cake person, much preferring savoury things, but there have been quite a few exceptions, especially the toffee and date slice!

Am nearly halfway through the work experience now, which makes me realise how soon the summer is going to come to an end. In less than two months (grades permitting) I will be living over 300 miles away with complete strangers fending entirely for myself, and while I’m very much looking forward to it I have a feeling that the closer the day gets the more I’ll start to realise how much I’m going to miss it here. It’s getting near enough that people are starting to discuss plans for later in the year, which obviously will not include myself as I simply will be a seven hour train ride away. Over the last year or so I’ve made some really good friends and it will be difficult not seeing them as often as I do now, but then this is life and I’m sure this moving on to another stage of life will happen more than once during my time. I’m trying not to ponder on it too much at the moment otherwise I fear I will simply turn into a weeping mess for the next eight weeks! Plus I’m singing in a church service in Norwich in just over a month’s time and I don’t think any other thoughts except sight-reading ones can be processed successfully while trying to sing a harmony part! (St George’s Tombland, 8th Sept at 7.30pm if anyone’s interested, we’re singing some Dubois!)

But for now, I think I should just stick to knitting, working and making tasty things:


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