Finally getting back into reading…

…shame it’s when I should be revising!

I had already decided that during the summer I would finally get round to reading all of the unread books that are currently sitting on my bookshelf in pristine condition (if not a bit dusty), so I thought I should probably start as I now have more time in the evenings due to not needing to get up quite so early as before.

I’ve read a couple of Celia Rees books before (namely Witch Child and Sorceress) so I thought it’d be a good place to start with my foray back into reading! Like the rest of her books, you cannot fault the historical accuracy at all; I now know far more about the French Revolution than I did before (aside from an episode of Horrible Histories and the fact that lots of people met Mme. Guillotine I had no idea about it at all) and it also gave an insight into the tensions on this side of the Channel during that period of time as well.

The only problem I had with the book was Sovay’s relationship with Léon, a French soldier, there just didn’t seem much of a buildup and their relationship just seemed a bit filmy and weak, I mean at one point they simply start kissing each other out of the blue and it’s the first mention of any kind of “more than friends feelings” towards each other. I think that’s where being my age falls down, I feel stuck between the Young Adult and normal adult literature, the younger stuff tends to look far more interesting but it’s just not quite as substantial and I still haven’t got my head round that I am actually an adult now and will enjoy books with complex and mature topics! (hence why I’m still hoarding a lot of my books from years past – Princess Diaries anyone?)

Anyway, must get back to some form of revision, FP3 is looming and I’m still not sure what dihedral isomorphism means…


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