Yes, I have a cold again. Spent about half of the Christmas holidays in the same state (including Christmas Day, NOT fun having to go back to bed twice) so I thought I’d had my bout of illness for the next few months, but instead I’ve been blighted with another cold, resulting in me staying in bed for the last few days. A couple of days off has been quite nice in terms of not having to do anything, however at A Level even missing one lesson means a lot of catching up later, let alone three lessons. Also as I’ve not felt particularly human over the last day or so I still have homework due in on the next couple of days which I have yet to do, guess what I’m doing later?

Still, doesn’t mean that I have to get dressed.

UNIVERSITY UPDATE: Didn’t get into Cambridge or Durham, but my January exams went fairly well (don’t know for definite but will find out in March) and I’m off to Exeter in a few weeks to have a look around, and have also been invited to a choir rehearsal at a local church in the thought of perhaps getting a choral scholarship there!


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