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My cardigan is finally finished! (Well, I finished it a good week or two ago but I’m still updating the world on my progress)

First cardigan!

Aside from sewing in the arms, sewing on the buttons and finishing off on casting off the necklines (and a few sewn in ends…) it was all my work and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It fits well, if not a little loose around the neckline, it’s nice and warm and I’m happy to go outside wearing it and not feel self-conscious knowing that it’s homemade. I often think that there’s no point in knitting anything if you’re never going to use it/wear it so I’m very glad that I selected this pattern, even if it did take a while to fathom out the pattern and the concept of buttonholes.

The only trouble now is that I keep seeing other jumpers/cardigans/tops on Ravelry and I really want to make them, especially with the cold weather upon us. My mother’s already said that she’ll get me enough wool for a Burgundy Thermal for Christmas (I just entered that link using HTML as I couldn’t find the hyperlink button – really quite impressed that I remember some of it!) so it’s a start!

College-wise I’ve had a few days off this week due to a dodgy stomach and general fatigue, with all of the exams and trying to get university offers sorted and whatnot it’s becoming more and more difficult to acquire “me-time”, especially with my two maths teachers trying to out-do each other constantly with the volume of homework that they set, and don’t even get me started with French… I should say now to their credit that all three are marvellous teachers and lovely people, just that I need to sleep once in a while! So far I’ve managed to have attained 3 university offers: ABB from Liverpool (been to the city umpteen times but never the uni, last choice on my list), AAB from Birmingham (absolutely lovely, definitely going down as my insurance) and AAA from Exeter (never been to either the city or university, but it’ll only be my top offer if both Cambridge and Durham turn me down). Still hanging on for the last two, my application to Durham has apparently “been received by the department” but that’s the extent of my knowledge on that one, and I’m waiting on Cambridge to tell me if I’ve got an interview or not, hopefully I’ll find out soon as according to Christ’s the interviews are from the 6th December for Maths and I’m yet to have finished “Music of the Primes” by Marcus du Sautoy, let alone “A Mathematician’s Apology” by G.H. Hardy, which I didn’t even mention on my PS, it just looks amusing!

Now as I am extremely tired despite having spent the last two days in my pyjamas sat on the sofa watching television, knitting and feeling sorry for myself, I shall say goodnight!


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