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Boredom strikes

Two weeks into my holidays and I’ve barely moved from my spot on the sofa, either with a laptop close by or knitting in my hands. The only time I really do anything is when I have the sudden urge to start cooking, which I guess is a good thing as my mum is working full time througout the summer and appreciates having dinner “on the table” when she gets home.

A while back I bought a vegetarian student cookbook from Tesco’s. Being fed up of not being able to eat most of the recipes found in a normal cookbook I’ve been slowly working my way through various recipes, including a rather good pasta sauce!

All ready to shove in the freezer for a later date!

To make enough for 4 servings (not sure how many each one serves yet!):

2 tins chopped tomatoes

4 cloves garlic

2 onions

Handful of basil

1 tomato

A few mushrooms

Half a red pepper

Small handful of grated cheese

35g mini pot of Extra Light Philadephia

First, peel and chop the onions, garlic and mushrooms and cut up the red pepper and tomato (remove the seeds). Heat some vegetable oil in a pan and soften the onions and garlic until they’re cooked. Add the mushrooms, peppers and tomato then quickly add the two cans of chopped tomatoes and bring to the boil. Chop the basil finely and stir it in, adding salt and pepper if you want. Once the sauce is boiling, turn down and leave to simmer with the lid on for about 10 mins.

After 10 mins go back and stir the sauce, then add the grated cheese and the Philadephia and anymore salt and pepper that you want, then put the lid back on and leave to simmer until the sauce turns an orangey colour. I guess at this stage you can either leave it as it is if you like chunky pasta sauces, but I blend mine until it is smooth. And that’s it! Only about 1 point in value too which gives more leeway for cheese!


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