I did promise a post on knitting, no matter how long ago it was…

I’ve been knitting on and off for quite a few years, my mum’s been knitting for ages so being dragged round various wool shops eventually permeated into my mind and led to me buying a couple of balls of bamboo sock wool and a set of dpns; one year later et voila, my first pair of socks!

Otherwise known as my "Iguana" socks.

After that I’ve started (and surprisingly finished!) a fair few things, including a couple of scarves, a hat, one of my epically long knee high socks, dubbed my church socks as I feel they will help shield my legs from the icy interior of St. Nick’s in January, one rainbow sock made for myself with a slightly improvised pattern, and a pair of socks for a friend in exchange for help with choral scholarship applications. I’m also midway through my first large piece of work, a cardigan which so far consists of the back and half a sleeve, it’s very slowly getting there but I have still got six weeks left of doing nothing which could be put to good use!

One "church sock".
My first hat, which also matches my first scarf!
John's socks - internet apologies for messing up the toes without realising.

More updates later, laptop battery is struggling…


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