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My twin likes snow.

My hope is possibly for a white Christmas, only 5 sleeps to stay snowy!

Anyhow, once again I haven’t updated this as often as I said I would, for that I am blaming college. Seriously, I really enjoy college, but the amount of work we have to do at the moment is obscene. This holidays I have:

  • C1 revision (i.e. learn graphs and try to remember increasing/decreasing functions plus do as many past papers as I can get my hands on)
  • M1 revision – once again the past papers plus about twelve worksheets that Tom wants us to do
  • Half a dozen French exercises
  • A 200 word essay in French about the cult of celebrity and its replacing culture
  • Two full analyses of famous portraits
  • Portrait shoot (and despite what my teacher says I am not doing all double exposures of peoples faces reflected in shop windows, I much prefer just catching people off guard)

And I think that’s it.. hopefully I will have some time for merriment and feasting throughout all of this, went to the Glitterball last night, first time I’d been and it was really good! My hair failed slightly due to the ever increasing need for a haircut but the food was nice and the band were great, 10p Short from Guilford if you want to look them up. It was nice to prove that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time at a party, we were all stone cold sober and it was a great laugh!

Christmas does seem to be coming on exceptionally fast this year, still haven’t wrapped/bought all of my presents but hopefully that will be rectified tomorrow with a dash up Yarmouth. Wednesday is the dreaded Tesco visit, which is greatly needed due to the lack of toothpaste.. then after Tescos (note: need to write list) I’m off out for lunch with Emma, Dad and his girlfriend Pauline, my Nannie, and my aunt and uncle who I haven’t seen since this time last year; after which organisation-permitting I should be going to the cinema to see St. Trinians. So hopefully on Christmas Eve I can have a rest! Although I am planning to make some veggie pâté for Christmas, I’m fed up of not being able to find any in the shops, so that will probably either get done tomorrow or on Thursday.. plus my friend Dave did mention something about going to St Andrew’s for some late evening (not sure if he said Midnight Mass or not?) service on Christmas Eve although I’m not sure if he remembers asking me…

So all in all, a very busy few days ahead of me, I’d be bored if not!

Merry Christmas my non-existent readers!


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